Information TEchnology Experience.

Ship’s Systems Analyst
Norfolk, VA
Active Secret Clearance

 Global commerce and Services is now hiring for Ship’s Systems Analyst, in Norfolk, VA. 

 The Ship’s Systems Analyst will have fifteen years of experience in Operation, Maintenance, repair, and test of naval shipboard equipment and systems.  This includes ten years of experience with aircraft carriers and their associated battle Groups

 Qualified candidates must have an active Secret Security Clearance along with experience with at least five of the items listed below:

  • Organizational Maintenance Management System-Next Generation (OMMS- NG)
  • Regional Maintenance Automated Information System (RMAIS)
  • Naval Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS)
  • Maintenance Figure of Merit – Family of Systems (MFOM-FOS)
  • Ships 3M – Open Architecture Retrieval System (OARS)
  • Revised Alternate Dataflow WEB (RADWEB)            
  • Configuration Data Managers Database – Open Architecture (CDMD-OA)
  • Total Ships Information Management System/Maintenance Onboard Data Exchange System (TSIMS/MODES)
  •  Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy (DRRS-N) 
  • Advanced Industrial Management (AIM) Interfaces germane to Relational Supply (R- Supply) Navy Enterprise Maintenance Automated Information System (NEMAIS)

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