Information TEchnology Experience.

Engineering Technician VI (Electrical) 
 Norfolk, VA

"General Experience - Eight (8) years of experience within the last 10 years in the installation, operation, repair, testing and maintenance of naval or marine propulsion and ancillary equipment or ordnance systems. At a minimum of six (6) of the years should have been in a position of team leader or coordinator over a subordinate work force involved in the physical maintenance and repair of electronic or electrical equipment or systems.  Specialized Experience - Five (5) years of experience within last 10 years with shipboard power distribution, interior communications or electronic systems repair and maintenance including qualification as CIC Watch Supervisor or Chief Electrical Watch on a conventional powered ship or as Load Dispatcher on a nuclear-powered ship or similar commercial qualifications:

A. A minimum of two (2) of the years of experience in availability planning, modernization, repair and testing of shipboard equipment and systems:                

 B. A minimum of four (4) of the years of experience in administration of the Navy 3-M and supply system:                                                                                                            

C. A minimum of one (1) of the years of experience as a technical instructor or as an IMA quality assurance inspector.                                                                                  

D. The specialized experience shall demonstrate the individual's ability to:         

     i. Work independently

     ii. Supervise technical personnel in performance of operation, maintenance, modification and repair

     iii. Provide on the job training to technical personnel in operation, repair, and maintenance (including use of test equipment)"

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